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5 Reasons Why New Managers Should Aim to Please their Team…Not their Boss

07/20/17 / by Patricia Guth posted in corporate training, leadership

Brand new managers often find themselves in a sort of conundrum. Most understand just how important it is to keep their team happy and working efficiently…often because they were recently one of those team members themselves. But a new manager is usually out to impress as well – to prove that whoever elevated them to that new position made the right decision. So, they do everything they can to please the one (or ones) in charge. Often, that means assuming the majority of the duties of the team so that nothing goes wrong.

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Why You Should Never Neglect People Development

07/14/17 / by Patricia Guth posted in leadership

Business owners, company managers, and others in charge constantly talk about improving business. It’s likely that employees hear this regularly at staff meetings, conferences, and even social gatherings. Improving business means adding customers, increasing the bottom line, becoming more visible…all sorts of things that indicate what we would commonly acknowledge as “success”.

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Avoiding Employee Burnout

07/6/17 / by Patricia Guth posted in career, leadership

Stressed. Overworked. Saddled with uncooperative team members. Unappreciated. Dealing with overbearing managers or administrators. Problems at home.

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