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Institute This Daily Meeting to Never Micro-Manage Again

04/26/17 / by Patricia Guth posted in career

Scenario: I tend to be a hands-off manager. My team’s latest project is massive and needs my team to pay attention to a lot of details and communicate about daily tasks. How do I institute new communication rules without making my team feel like I’m not micro-managing them?

Hands-off manager? To many, that phrase is a total oxymoron. How can one manage but be hands-off?

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4 Ways to Be a Great Leader as an Introvert

04/24/17 / by Patricia Guth posted in career, leadership

Scenario: I'm an introvert. I just got promoted to a managerial position, but I'm worried I won't be a good leader as an introvert. Do you have any tips for me?

A workplace is full on individuals of all personality types. Variety is the spice of life, right? But can all types of individuals function in leadership roles, or does it take someone with a very outgoing personality – someone society labels an “extrovert” – to fill a managerial position?

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4 Types of Skills Training That Will Help Retain Employees

04/20/17 / by Patricia Guth posted in career, human resources

Employee retention is an issue for so many businesses. Having a revolving door that seemingly sucks employees in and out can be very disheartening for human resources staff as well as for management. When employees come and go on a regular basis, continuity doesn’t exist and the company suffers for it, even if it’s a large company with tons of employees.

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