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How Feedback Fuels Career Development

03/20/17 / by Louise Harris posted in career, leadership

Have you ever wanted an antidote to stagnation in your personal or professional life?

I spoke again with Nedra Chandler, a Professional Coach for government leaders and teams after our initial interview in early March. She said one antidote to stagnation or career burnout is learning to notice and make use of all kinds of feedback.

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Are You One of Those People Stressed Out by Work Because You Don't Know How to Say "No"?

03/16/17 / by Laura Rose posted in career, time management

Scenario: I have a hard time saying “no”, which leads me to take on more things than I can actually do. How do I identify which tasks I should say “no” to? And how do I become more comfortable with saying “no”?

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The Right Way to Manage Someone Who is Older Than You

03/13/17 / by Patricia Guth posted in career

Scenario: I’m one of the youngest managers in my company. How do I manage someone who is older than me?

In today’s age-diverse workforce, one can identify four generations of employees, with ages ranging from teens to individuals well into their 70s and sometimes older. It’s a byproduct of living longer and the desire for many not to retire but to continue an active work life while also enjoying the other perks the “golden years” have to offer.

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