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Why You Should Try Online Singing Lessons

01/19/17 / by Molly Rosen posted in singing

Have you always wanted to learn how to sing?  Maybe you’ve taken voice lessons before, and you’re considering starting them up again.

Have you considered taking voice lessons ….online? There are so many reasons why online voice lessons are wonderful!

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4 Smart Ways to Have a Healthy Voice Even During the Winter

01/9/17 / by Molly Rosen posted in singing


Singers know that this time of year can be scary with colds being a common problem. It’s certainly no fun to miss voice lessons, practice time, and performances. How lucky an instrumentalist is: they will sound exactly the same with a stuffy nose or sore throat!

Even though it seems that colds are inevitable and that there is little you can do, I've learned the best ways to keep your voice healthy from being a singer and Vocal Coach for the last 20 years.

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How to Pick Audition Songs That Show Your Strengths: An Interview With Michelle Hernandez

12/8/16 / by Louise Harris posted in singing

When choosing a song to use in auditions, performers should pick ones that will showcase them in the best light. “One of the biggest questions I hear from old and new students alike is, ‘What song should I sing?’” says Voice and Performance Coach and owner of OC ProVoice, Michelle Hernandez, who has spent many years in the entertainment industry and knows what it’s like to work behind as well as in front of the audition table.

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