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Catch Yourself Procrastinating Before an Audition? Here are 4 Tips to Make Sure That Never Happens Again

12/6/16 / by Arlys Alford posted in singing, procrastination

I can’t think of a better way to open dialogue on how procrastination applies to a singer’s career than the callback audition you have for The Voice tomorrow morning. You’ve never had voice lessons and you thought this was a good time to start? Hmm, the idea that you will assimilate years of knowledge in sixty minutes or less makes me have to do my whaaa? face. Don’t make me do it. Instead, let’s understand why procrastinating might be getting in the way of your singing career and come up with a game plan so it doesn’t happen again. Deal?

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Procrastination and How to Avoid it

11/23/16 / by Sharleen Dua posted in procrastination

To some, procrastination is that ineveitable outcome of an upcoming project or deadline. No matter, how hard you try, you wait till the last minute. Whether you are in school, or completing a project for work, it’s easy to be tempted by outside distractions. In that moment when you procrastinate, and watch a quick show or scroll through Facebook, you may feel good. But that feeling doesn’t last very long- which is what researchers have found.

Research about procrastination shows that those who procrastinate first demonstrate downward counterfactual responses, which means they are demonstrating a ‘desire to improve their mood in the short term’. However, many studies prove, that in the long term, individuals who procrastinate develop stress, anxiety, and also are less able to complete a task with the right state of mind. This might be a familiar feeling- waiting until the night before to study for a test, and your anxiety starts to build up to the point where you can’t absorb any more information. Despite these repercussions, procrastination occurs everywhere and all the time.

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