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Creating Confidence in the Boardroom: An Interview with Stacee Mandeville

02/2/17 / by Patricia Guth posted in public speaking, presentation skills, career, coaching

Some individuals are naturally outgoing. Others, however, truly struggle with “putting themselves out there”, so to speak. For many individuals, particularly those in the business world, nothing is scarier than the scenario that involves standing up in front of a group of peers or superiors and making a presentation, whether it’s merely an information speech or one that’s essential to the company’s wellbeing.

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How Storytelling Connects Sales Representatives to Their Audiences: An Interview with Alex Glod

01/12/17 / by Louise Harris posted in presentation skills, career

In order to successfully sell a product or service, you have to be able to connect with your audience. To connect with an audience, you should tell stories that have a hint of struggle. Then, the audience will be able to relate to you and be more likely to want what is being sold, according to a business trainer.

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Don't Make This One Mistake for your Next Presentation: An Interview with Arjun Buxi

12/6/16 / by Louise Harris posted in public speaking, presentation skills, communication, career

No matter if giving a five-minute presentation to their department heads or a 30-minute speech in front of an audience of 200, people often make the No. 1 biggest mistake. They believe they don't need to prepare for the talk, says Arjun Buxi, an expert in leadership training and public speaking communication techniques.

Buxi teaches Communication at San Jose State University and has taken that knowledge to corporate America where he works as an Executive Coach. He provides leadership training, communication skills and entrepreneurial advice. He owns a company called Culture of Speak.

“When people are asked to speak, they often say 'I will wing it because I know this stuff.' This is the wrong approach,” Buxi said during our interview. “This mistake leads to them rambling on the podium, using a lot of filler words, and getting no impact from their talk. The audience doesn't listen or care.”

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