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How to Achieve Any New Years Fitness Goal: An Interview With Laura Coombs

01/5/17 / by Louise Harris posted in health and lifestyle

Creating a training schedule and sticking to it can be a challenge for athletes and regular people. However, it is critical if they want to achieve their fitness goals, according to a multi-sport fitness coach.

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Reducing Stress During Holidays: An Interview With Jennifer Wood

12/23/16 / by Louise Harris posted in health and lifestyle

The holidays can be a stressful time, but Jennifer Wood, a certified health coach has come up with simple tricks you can do to reduce the craziness and relieve your stress.

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Reaching Your New Year's Resolutions Through Visualizations: An Interview with Paul Sanbar

12/19/16 / by Louise Harris posted in health and lifestyle

About this time every year, many people begin to think about setting new year's resolutions in their personal lives and businesses. They may even tell a friend their goal for the year, write it down in a journal or share it on social media if they really want to set their intention. Each of those actions help. If you’re really going to spend time thinking about this resolution, close your eyes, and visualize yourself already having attained it. Recent studies now reveal that thoughts produce the same mental instructions as actions, according to a life and creativity coach certified with the International Coach Federation.

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