The Most Effective & Affordable Way to Train Employees

The Answer to Saving Money on Your Education

02/9/17 / by Patricia Guth posted in 1:1 learning, education, learning

It seems we do just about everything online these days.

A prime example is shopping online. (Perhaps you noticed a reduction in crowds at the malls during this recent holiday season.) We also communicate through the internet, watch TV and movies online, and make our vacation reservations through an attractive website that lets us purchase our airfare, hotel stay, and car rental all with the click of a button or two.

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One-on-One Learning: The Speediest Way to Learn

01/23/17 / by Patricia Guth posted in 1:1 learning, education, learning

It used to be that learning was limited to the classroom. Those of us who grow up in the 20th century entered a classroom at about age 5, graduated from high school around age 18, and – in many cases – went on to more classroom learning in college or vocational school.

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The Secret to Beating the Forgetting Curve

01/17/17 / by Sharleen Dua posted in education, learning

For some of us, the memories of all nighters before a school exam still lingers- cramming the day before, trying to store as much information as possible before the inevitable test. Even as working adults, we are no strangers to this concept. Work trainings, seminars, and conferences are often thrown at us, along with a vast amount of information we are expected to memorize and learn. But despite being exposed to these varied teaching methods, we still tend to forget what we learned.

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