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6 Effective Ways to Give Feedback to an Underperformer

04/17/17 / by Patricia Guth posted in career, leadership, coaching

Scenario: One of my team members is not completing their work. As their manager, how do I give them feedback about their low performance?

Feedback can be a frightening word for both team leaders and team members. For some managers, the need to confront a team member with negative yet constructive feedback elicits sweaty palms and stutters. For team members, the thought of receiving feedback conjures up worries of getting demoted or even fired, even though that’s fairly unlikely. However, no matter which player you are, stress is real in such situations.

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Coaching Facilitates Your Own Adult Learning: An Interview with Nedra Chandler

03/6/17 / by Louise Harris posted in career, coaching

If you've been running on empty, unable to gain perspective on day-to-day drama, or failing to take consistent care of your energy, one proactive step is to work with a Professional Coach.

I spoke with Nedra Chandler, a mediator and facilitator who is also a Professional Coach for government leaders and their teams. She works with people committed to bringing their best selves in service to public life, especially around land management and the environment.

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Recognizing Similarities Among Leadership, Management and Teamwork:  An Interview with Peter Anlyan

02/7/17 / by Louise Harris posted in career, leadership, coaching

Coach and trainer Peter Anlyan holds CEOs, VPs, supervisors and front line team members to the same standards - efficient and effective communication, teamwork, management and leadership behaviors.  The only difference is the circle in which each operates.

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