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The Value of a Good Leader…and How to Help Them Lead

06/15/17 / by Patricia Guth

Patricia Guth

Most companies work extra hard to put good leaders in place, not only at the very top of the company but also in all the departments, divisions, and other segments where strong leadership is essential to company growth.

Even if a company has hired the finest employees available, good, knowledgeable leaders who work well with their charges can mean the difference between great success and mediocre performance. Why?

  • Great leaders have vision – Someone who is truly committed to leading and to helping the company for which they work grow and reach its potential likely has a vision for the company (or for their department) and knows how to work towards that goal. A long-term vision helps the leader and those he/she leads remain focused. A sense of purpose is essential in leadership!
  • Great leaders can motivate employees – There’s nothing less motivating than a leader who isn’t motivated themselves. But a good leader is a team builder who possesses plenty of energy and who motivates employees to be more than passive members of the team. He or she asks employees for ideas, encourages them to develop new skills, motivates them to reach higher, and – in general – creates a team that works towards the company vision.
  • Great leaders spread the word about the company – When an individual is excited by their job, they let others know about it and about the company for which they work. In other words, they become the best possible brand ambassador for their company! This can help sell products or services or can be a great tool in recruiting like-minded employees who will be equally excited about the opportunity.
  • Great leaders can affect the company externally – Not only do good leaders create a great, cohesive culture within the workplace but can also be integral in creating customer loyalty outside the company. Customers will want to return again and again when greeted by a leader who obviously has a passion for what they do.
  • Great leaders inspire others to be like them – Who doesn’t want to emulate someone who is full of passion for what they do? Companies who hire and train good leaders will likely find themselves blessed with a whole bunch of others who are leadership material as well, simply because they are inspired by a top-notch manager who motivates them to want to not only strive for the best but also to want to forge their own leadership path.

But how do good leaders get that way and what needs to be done to keep them on the right path?

Some individuals have more innate leadership qualities than others, but even those individuals need help and encouragement. Others need more assistance in honing their leadership abilities. Indeed, what it all comes down to is providing the proper coaching for ALL leaders, not only at the beginning of the leader’s managerial career but also throughout their time as a leader.

There are all sorts of leadership programs available to those in a position of authority. Some have been around for decades and are proven to work well. Others are new and innovative. But research shows that some of the best leadership training comes from one-on-one coaching, simply because everyone is different, each person learns differently, and each needs help in different aspects of leadership.

One-on-one training with an executive coach offers the opportunity to work on a variety of leadership skills including:

  • Goal setting
  • Decision making
  • Strategic planning skills
  • Communication
  • The ability to motivate others
  • Team building and improving working relationships

With such training, companies will reap benefits that include:

  • Higher retention rate of key employees
  • More commitment from the coached employee
  • Improved creativity
  • Increased sales or profitability

One-to-one leadership coaching is tailored for the individual and for the company, which is far more cost-effective than offering group programs that might include lots of extraneous information. Furthermore, it can often be accomplished online, which eliminates travel expenses such as hotel stays and meal costs.

Furthermore, the manager can set up training to match his or her own schedule. Not available for a long weekend conference? No big deal. Personal coaching allows for training that won’t interfere with work or personal obligations and helps the trainee maintain a good work-life balance.

By working with a personal coach, those in a leadership position can learn at a pace that is appropriate for them, can learn in a manner that’s right for them (visual, hands-on learning vs. lectures, etc.), and will receive immediate feedback via role-playing and other interactive tasks.

As a result, the company will find that their ROI is higher and that leaders (or leadership candidates) are better prepared for their role simply because they are provided a coaching program that works with their individual strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to better lead others in their own way.

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Patricia Guth

Written by Patricia Guth

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